Reading Middle C

Some of my students can’t wait to learn to “read music”. Others are more concerned with learning Disney songs. Still more of my piano children want to learn to play by ear and by chords. It’s a curious thing. This past week I had a student who was surprised to see a note standing alone outside of the staff of five lines and four spaces. “What note is that?”, she said. She wanted to know how she could read a note and tell what it is. It was a “good” moment during our lesson. Not everyone reads music or wants to read music.

You’re invited!–This Sunday CMajor Porter will be hosting a FAQs and FMQs presentation on Facebook LIVE. Hope you can make it. And, if you missed her presentation on Twitch this week it’s because it was cancelled. I’m taking a little break from my Video Games Music series. Don’t worry, I’ll be back. Roblox, Nintendo, PS5, etc. are all very BIG with my students who are gamers. Teaching them the music that they really want to know is a big part of my class nowadays.

I’ll see you guys next week. Have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend! Enjoy the sun and remember to set your clocks to the new time. Take care.



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