Imagine that…

It’s Friday…Good Friday. We are wishing you a very “hoppy” and happy Easter weekend to those who celebrate. I was out and about in the New York City area recently and it seemed that many shoppers were getting ready for a barbecue celebration. They were purchasing grills, charcoal, lighters, lighter fluid and paper plates. It was a sight to see everyone with their masks on going about their preparations for a fun weekend. Some of my piano students will be traveling this weekend. Safe travels to everyone…EVERYONE.

I also recently had the good fortune to see a player piano in action. Imagine that. My imagination was wide open and I couldn’t help but think about my students. I’m their piano teacher, but imagine that Horowitz, Rubinstein, Peterson and Monk could be your teachers. It almost sounds impossible, right? It IS possible. I want you to write to me so that I can explain. It looks like a lot of my students purchase sheet music, watch videos and listen to their favorite tunes to play the piano songs that they most wish to play. What would happen if you ran out of ideas? Have you ever thought of putting all three of the learning styles together to learn to play the piano really well and to record yourself playing? I’m currently partnering with a program to further help my students and those interested in playing the piano and recording themselves. If you ever have any uncertainties about how to approach piano playing and recording, please feel free to reach out to me. I think I’ll be able to help you gain control of your music making. I don’t have all of the answers but I am willing to share with you some of the answers that appear to be available at this time.

Piano or Keyboard? That was the topic or theme of my latest FAQs with CMajor. I think I’ll keep this theme going. It seems to work well for getting you all to think about the possibilities for yourselves. Imagine that you can play a piano that sounds great and feels fantastic in terms of the touch. The students that I’ve taught to play piano feel more musically satisfied when playing an acoustic piano versus playing a keyboard. Think about the accuracy of technique that can be developed from playing a piano. Digital pianos can give students a thirty thousand dollar grand piano sound for less than two thousand dollars. However, I personally like the million dollar possibilities that come with seeing a piano that plays by itself and offers a key surface that inspires expression and passion. Seeing that player piano in person changed my life in an instant. I could see the expression and feel the passion of piano greats right before my very eyes. I felt so grateful to hear and experience every note of every chord and scale passage.

I can go on and on and I will in a later blog. Until next time, keep your imaginations going. I’ll see you next time.

Take care. Be well.

Peace, Love and Latte,


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