Solar Pour Over Disco

This morning marks my first ever pour over at home. So excited. It feels like I have mastered the idea of making coffee at home. And, all the while I am pouring my perfect cup of coffee I have two things on my mind: one, solar power, two, disco house music. Two fairly new topics of thought that I acquired into my life during the pandemic. Both have gotten me through the Covid-19 times. My students? I think I know how they have managed to make it through…video games music and pets. I heard more about Mario brothers and dogs during the pandemic more than ever in my virtual classroom. So, I am so excited to share with you the enthusiasm for talking with others about solar energy and climate change over a cup of coffee and beyond. It is a welcome dimension into my coffee conversation boundaries. I thought I wanted to contribute to a culture of bringing music making and coffee culture together. I still do but now I can see how to add climate reality into the conversation.

To kick off the music making conversation this week I’d like to introduce to you some top ten tunes that got me through while I was dancing in my kitchen beginning last April. They are as follows:

  • Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters
  • Jump to It by Aretha Franklin
  • Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin
  • I’m Every Woman by Aretha Franklin
  • I Wanna Be Your Lover by Prince
  • Finally Ready by Billy Porter
  • Music by D Train
  • Thank You by Bebe Winans
  • Dream Lover by Mariah Carey
  • Butterfly Wish by CMajor

These tunes are not in any particular order. And, the only reason I listed my own tune Butterfly Wish is because it was my go to song whenever I wanted to tickle the ivories at home. The pandemic was tough and still is hard on my mental health. I can see it wearing on some of my students as well. I am truly grateful for music, solar and coffee at this point. Hedonism aside, I think these three topics kept me in a state of hope. I can go into more detail, but I’ll save that for our coffee conversation. In the meantime, I have a challenge for you this week. Play Butterfly Wish–you should be able to find it on iTunes or Spotify or YouTube (no links provided, sorry 😦 but I urge you to explore the photo of the octopus in Miami from 2016/2017. Then spark your conversation by talking about rising sea levels. I’ll see you on the next blog. Take care of yourself, each other and the environment.

Peace, love, coffee and solar,


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