Change the World…Mentally

I’m almost thoroughly convinced that my students will change the world one day. I hope they all do well in their lives and that music making can someone be a part of their days…everyday. I recently had a conversation over tea with one student. She is thinking about going to law school. I asked her if she will use music to procrastinate in her future work life or if she thinks that music will help her unwind. Basically, I was interested in knowing how she thought music could help her mental health. Her answer surprised me. She shared that she genuinely enjoyed working on piano pieces. She thinks of teaching pieces as a way to exercise her brain and does not see playing as just wasted time at the piano. I couldn’t help but celebrate her growth. In my mind, I knew how she used to see music. I once had a professor who placed value on how one’s music is used and viewed in society. With all of the talk about mental health recently it just brings to mind the mental challenges of the pandemic. One of the songs that got me through safe and sound is below:

Chelsea Rodgers by Prince – I like the lyrics. “Make a promise to your higher self. Get true knowledge then fame and wealth.” This tune had me shrugging my shoulders, rhythm snapping my neck and dancing like one of those Peanuts characters from the Charlie Brown song. It all happened in the privacy of my kitchen. And, even though it was more like a music appreciation moment of listening and snapping my fingers I still liked knowing that I had enough music training to analyze the chord structure and pick the melody at will.

So, today I am celebrating all of my students who are using music to help their mental health and overall wellness. God bless you and keep you. I pray that whatever crises or problems you choose to take on in life that you will indeed change the world through your work and will continue to use music making to reflect and enjoy your everyday lives.

I’ll see you on the next blog. Until then I invite you to spread the reality of the climate crisis. Thank you to our veterans as we pay heartfelt tributes your service on this Memorial Day 2021. Take a stand for action and together we can change the world.

Peace, Love, Latte, Music & the Environment


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