Welcome Back Piano

Welcome Back–It’s been a long while. Welcome back to my students from three or four years ago as well as those coming back from the pandemic pause. My, oh my, how you’ve grown. I was remarking to a colleague that many of my students don’t listen to me. I let them facilitate their own growth. That’s what we were taught in our graduate education. Students best learn when they are in a state of autonomy. Man, it’s hard to watch them fall and then get back up again. In some ways I feel like the parent that I never was in real life. In other ways, I love to call my students my piano children. It’s unbelievable at times how they will bring a song to class that they’ve just heard. They then ask me to put on my magic listening hat and figure out the song so that I can teach it back to them…instantly. Then other students want to teach me a song on the piano that they are passionate about. They’re usually not sure of fingering, key, intervals, or anything having to do with theory. But, that’s all part of the fun in piano lessons.

In my studio, we grow each other up it seems. And, honestly it feels good to know that student’s trust themselves to learn songs at will. So, welcome back piano means to me another round of pieces that have been carefully selected by me, the method book and the student. Whatever works…it’s a pragmatic approach to learning. Get your coffee and tea ready for more conversations about music making. And, we’ll discuss in all a low emissions environment of course. I’ll see you on the next blog.

Have a great rest of your week. Oh, and you’re invited…listen to the head-bumping and shoulder-shaking tune below in your kitchen of course and find yourself dancing to celebrate where we are post-pandemic. Take care. “Message in Our Music” – Song by The O’Jays

Peace, Love, Latte & The Environment – C.

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