As my students continue their individual musical journeys, I am amazed at their choices along the way. One student wants to know more about video games music, another would like to play classical pieces that are well known. Still their paths are unique unto themselves. We use traditional methods in class and ones that are more connected with “flow” in children’s learning.

Please see the list below of some of the music & composers that we play, sing and talk about in CMajor’s Classroom:

  • Glory, Glory
  • Baby Shark
  • Amazing Grace
  • CG5
  • Beethoven
  • Katy Perry – “Roar”
  • Mary’s Lamb

We will still study the ‘essential elements’ of music, but I keep thinking how much of the clefs, scales, key signatures, intervals, time values and time signatures they’ll recall over time. One teacher/co-worker said to me that he understands that his students learn differently than we did when we were taking lessons. Sometimes I wish that my students would understand that the grouping of notes, and rests are meant to be useful and not painful to learn. In the age of YouTube, I find myself listening more and more to how they are learning outside of my classroom.

CMajor teaches El Dawg to play the piano.

Peace & Love, – C

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