Another Resource…

Please see another music making resource for your piano lessons below: Popular Chord Dictionary for Piano  Thank you for listening to yesterday’s podcast on CMajor Before The Show.  Tune in later today for another discussion on music making and wellness on The CMajor Radio Show. Our new poll is listed here:

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A Brief Walk Through…Harlem

We continued our coffee culture and music series today by wrapping things up with a brief walk through Harlem, New York.  See our stopping points below: Sugar Hill Cafe Make My Cake Amy Ruth’s Street Bird Red Rooster Sylvia’s Our music poll continues with the following question – Which part of music is self-teaching? We’re […]

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Today’s colors from today’s podcast: RED/PURPLE/GREEN/ORANGE.  Today we introduced something called “slash notation”.  Slash notation means exactly what it says.  You can write a forward slash to show that a chord is repeating.  It’s found in notation software programs like Finale.  Our color code for today: RED = D CHORD; PURPLE = E CHORD; GREEN […]

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Keyboard Situation: Practice & Learn

Today’s Poll – We asked, “Do you practice recording yourself while playing the piano and then listening?”  100% of you said yes! Today’s Color Sequence: RED-GREEN-RED-GREEN-RED-GREEN-RED-RED-GREEN Today’s Letter Sequence: D-G-D-G-D-G-D-D-G Numeral Sequence: II-V-II-V-II-V-II-II-V Thank you for listening to CMajor Before the Show!

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