A Brief Walk Through…Harlem

We continued our coffee culture and music series today by wrapping things up with a brief walk through Harlem, New York.  See our stopping points below: Sugar Hill Cafe Make My Cake Amy Ruth’s Street Bird Red Rooster Sylvia’s Our music poll continues with the following question – Which part of music is self-teaching? We’re […]

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Today’s colors from today’s podcast: RED/PURPLE/GREEN/ORANGE.  Today we introduced something called “slash notation”.  Slash notation means exactly what it says.  You can write a forward slash to show that a chord is repeating.  It’s found in notation software programs like Finale.  Our color code for today: RED = D CHORD; PURPLE = E CHORD; GREEN […]

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Keyboard Situation: Practice & Learn

Today’s Poll – We asked, “Do you practice recording yourself while playing the piano and then listening?”  100% of you said yes! Today’s Color Sequence: RED-GREEN-RED-GREEN-RED-GREEN-RED-RED-GREEN Today’s Letter Sequence: D-G-D-G-D-G-D-D-G Numeral Sequence: II-V-II-V-II-V-II-II-V Thank you for listening to CMajor Before the Show!

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