Simple & Compound

This week’s homework involves practicing two-beat, three-beat and four-beat rhythms.  Additional homework includes reading about bar-lines and time signatures, time values and simple and compound time.  Happy playing and reading!  Thank you!!

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Listen & Watch: Keyboard Musicianship

Happy Mother’s Day from CMajor Before The Show!–We’re inviting you to listen and watch for this week’s homework.  Watch what? Listen to music?  Yes, Yes!!–We’re excited to have you listen to the following tunes.  Find them on the internet via Google search or visit YouTube at your leisure.  Happy watching and listening!!  Have a great […]

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Minor Keys and Tonic Chords

In yesterday’s podcast, we spoke about minor key chords.  It was a way of combining a discussion about minor keys and chords in root position.  But, we also talked about playing minor chords the way they appear in the ‘popular chord dictionary for piano’, for instance.  Have fun!  Your homework is below: Practice playing Cminor, […]

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Lit or Lilt?

We’ve all heard by now how to use “lit” in a sentence here in the 21st century of pop culture sayings.  But, what about the word “lilt” to describe what you’ve heard?  If we say that a voice or a piece of music has a ‘lilting’ quality, what do we really mean and how can […]

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Play by Ear: C, F & G

Oh say can you play…C, F & G chords by ear?!–It’s all apart of our new Chords for All 12-part series.  For the next twelve weeks, we’ll refresh your memory about what it means to play C, F, & G Chords.  So, “do you homework” and have some fun finding the chords that you wish […]

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