First Love…Chords!

Check out the following chords used in CMajor’s piano song, First Love!  Now she’s using her knowledge of chords to teach parents to play the piano by chords and by ear.  Also, if you’d like to see how to write down these chords clearly on staff paper, please check out The CMajor Radio Show.  Here’s […]

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A New Poll…Now Posted!

In our last podcast episode on CBTS, we mentioned a new poll.  It’s now posted on Twitter and Facebook.  Please see the link below and feel free to participate! #ohwhatfun CMajor’s new poll Thanks.  Have a great week!  See you all this weekend.

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Musical Sounds of Love and Romance

In our latest episode on CMajor Before the Show, we talked about sounds of love and romance in our PFP (Piano for Parents) Series.  We invite you to start listening for chords and using the chords you’ve learned to write your own love songs and explore your personal song favorites.  Good luck to you!  Happy […]

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Musical Workout!!

Start your musical notation writing and chord playing workout by following this drill: C Cm C; F Fm F; G Gm G; D Dm D; E Em E & A Am A Instructions–For a firm fixed sound workout with common chords, improve your piano playing with 10 minutes of daily practice. Use different articulations if […]

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Chord Challenge: Homework Extra!

Hi there!  We have a chord challenge for you this weekend.  If you listened to today’s podcasts, you might have heard me talk about sequencing and starting to think in terms of ordering your chords in particular order.  With the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day coming up on Monday, we’d like to have you think […]

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