Chords Coffee Environment

So excited–It’s Monday. We are nearing the month of June. My students are moving right along in their music making. No recitals again this year; however, my students still seem to be doing okay with remote learning. Music making by Wolfmother, Nintendo, Roblox and Mario Brothers games music and random song requests are still all […]

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Mezzo What?!

Hello. This past week has been an amazing week of helping students learn new music definitions. It’s new to them at least. I love seeing the looks on their faces on Zoom when they realize how to string together pronunciations, abbreviations and definitions. It seems that they feel relieved when they know what the options […]

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Solar Pour Over Disco

This morning marks my first ever pour over at home. So excited. It feels like I have mastered the idea of making coffee at home. And, all the while I am pouring my perfect cup of coffee I have two things on my mind: one, solar power, two, disco house music. Two fairly new topics […]

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Music, Coffee and Environment

Music. It has been a long two weeks for my students and myself. Some students are finishing the school year. Others are heading off to in-person school for five days. Still more students are trying to figure out how to do a balance of online, in-person study and taking a break when they need one […]

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All About Piano

What do Hartmann’s Youkai Girl, Love Colored Master Spark, Piggy Horror Song, and Coconut Mall all have in common? They are songs that involve piano playing. In my studio, it’s all about piano. My piano students bring me songs they want to learn and I teach it to them. Especially since the pandemic, that has […]

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