As my students continue their individual musical journeys, I am amazed at their choices along the way. One student wants to know more about video games music, another would like to play classical pieces that are well known. Still their paths are unique unto themselves. We use traditional methods in class and ones that are […]


Coffee & Music Conversation

Happy Thanksgiving!–Time really flies, man. It feels like the whole year just flew by. In these ‘Coronian’ times, if you’ve made it this far you have a lot to be thankful for. I am most thankful this year for Coffee and Music Conversation. I’ll tell you why. As a barista and piano teacher, I’ve been […]

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Classical Lattes

Remember that project from the 1980’s, “Hooked on Classics”? Somehow, that album ended up in our music library at home somewhere around 1983, I think. It was placed alongside all of the other 33 1/3 rpm records that we would listen to from time to time. I recently re-listened to the Hooked On Classics project […]

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Classical Composers & Coffee

Who is a classical composer that you admire? I pick Beethoven. For a number of reasons…I pick this composer. I’m pretty sure that he defined ‘pop’ music back in his day. After all, pop music can be defined by the importance of the original performer, composer, etc. I’m almost sure that seeing Beethoven perform his […]

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Latest Episode: CBTS Throwback Interview–Is there such a thing?–‘classical chords’…We’re not so sure about the lingo here, but we will explore tonal harmony that is used within classical repertoire.  Don’t worry.  We’ll keep it simple.  Beginner chords!–next time on CMajor Before The Show and The CMajor Radio Show. The pattern of chord changes forms a […]