Christmas Tunes

Oh, hello! Nice to see you again. I’ve been thinking about the biggest thing that happened this week in my online studio. It seems to be “Christmas Tunes”. It’s a huge topic in my classes this past week. What will my students play for Christmas? Also, there are some students who are opting-out for holiday […]

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Changing Chords

Hi there. I really hope that you’re having a nice weekend. It’s been a little rough over here in terms of the pandemic. We’re wading through it all and music definitely helps. One topic that’s come up this week with my students is Changing Chords. What happens when you are learning a piece and you […]

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Crazy Music, My Music

How are you all holding up during these crazy pandemic times? A musician friend recently posed this question to me and I couldn’t help but think how music has really gotten me through all of this. I never knew how much I liked disco, house and Kool & the Gang before COVID-19. The music of […]

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Listening Homework for Everyone

Cmajor… I’m excited about this week’s homework.  It’s a chance to listen, read and listen some more.  Please see your homework below: Listen to Cello Concerto No. 1 in G minor, Op.49 – Dmitri Kabalevsky Listen to Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 47 – Jean Sibelius Listen to Violin Concerto in CMajor, Op. 48 […]

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