Guesswork…Using Chord Charts

It’s guesswork/homework time again…but this time you may use your chord charts.  In yesterday’s episode, we talked about chording the notes of a scale.  If you play triads on the 1st, 4th & 5th degrees of a scale, we call that playing tonic, subdominant and dominant chords.  If you play single notes beginning on the […]

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Major Scales and Select Piano Pieces

On today’s CMajor Radio Show…we talked about major scales.  As promised, I’m posting some additional examples of scales for you to practice.  I’m encouraging listeners to begin to think about how the notes of these scales appear on a staff.  Here are the names of some more scales for you to consider practicing: A major […]

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Creating New Harmonies: 7th Chords

Today we talked about creating new harmonies with 7th chords.  Seventh chords!–Playing music your way with seventh chords can make you feel better.  Thank you for joining us for the eighth episode of The Keyboard Situation: Playing By Chords & By Color.  Please see the list of songs below, to begin practicing your 7th chords: […]

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Keyboard Situation: Practice & Learn

Today’s Poll – We asked, “Do you practice recording yourself while playing the piano and then listening?”  100% of you said yes! Today’s Color Sequence: RED-GREEN-RED-GREEN-RED-GREEN-RED-RED-GREEN Today’s Letter Sequence: D-G-D-G-D-G-D-D-G Numeral Sequence: II-V-II-V-II-V-II-II-V Thank you for listening to CMajor Before the Show!

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