Creating New Harmonies: 7th Chords

Today we talked about creating new harmonies with 7th chords.  Seventh chords!–Playing music your way with seventh chords can make you feel better.  Thank you for joining us for the eighth episode of The Keyboard Situation: Playing By Chords & By Color.  Please see the list of songs below, to begin practicing your 7th chords: […]

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Keyboard Situation: Practice & Learn

Today’s Poll – We asked, “Do you practice recording yourself while playing the piano and then listening?”  100% of you said yes! Today’s Color Sequence: RED-GREEN-RED-GREEN-RED-GREEN-RED-RED-GREEN Today’s Letter Sequence: D-G-D-G-D-G-D-D-G Numeral Sequence: II-V-II-V-II-V-II-II-V Thank you for listening to CMajor Before the Show!

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More on Candy-Colored Research

As promised, CMajor is posting her brand new attempt to teach a piano song using color.  Research also suggests timing yourself to see how many minutes it takes you to play a song by color.  Playing by Color is fun!–Please see the color-legend and sequence for playing a simplified version of her Faint Memory melody […]

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