Flat Chords!!!!

This week’s homework!–Find and play/practice flat chords…Db, Eb, Ab, & Bb.  Have fun!  The patriotic songs/teaching pieces to apply are listed below: Star-Spangled Banner My Country Tis of Thee Battle Hymn of the Republic Thank you for listening and watching.  See you all next week!

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Chord Challenge: Homework Extra!

Hi there!  We have a chord challenge for you this weekend.  If you listened to today’s podcasts, you might have heard me talk about sequencing and starting to think in terms of ordering your chords in particular order.  With the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day coming up on Monday, we’d like to have you think […]

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Gingerbread Spicy Pumpkin Playlist

Hey there!–Merrrrry Christmas to you and thank you for coming to check out the playlist from today’s podcast episode.  We also wanted to mention Spotify with all of our other social media shoutouts from this morning.  If we failed to mention any platforms please “charge it to our heads and not our hearts”.  We don’t […]

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Holiday 10

Thank you for listening to CMajor’s Holiday 10!  Please see our list of picks below and happy holidays: Underneath the Tree Please Come Home for Christmas Do They Know It’s Christmas Cozy Little Christmas What Christmas Means to Me You Make It Feel Like Christmas Believe The Christmas Waltz Cold December Night Carol of the […]

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Holiday Homework!

On today’s episode we featured top Christmas songs that you can play on the piano for fun.  Thank you for joining us bright and early this morning.  Please see our custom breakfast blend of titles of tunes that will keep you making music over the holidays: CMajor’s Breakfast Blend of Holiday Tunes It’s the Most […]

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