The Costs of Making Music

In today’s CBTS episode, we spoke about the following: Financing your keyboard Layawaying your keyboard Trading in your keyboard Upgrading your keyboard Saving up for a better keyboard Adding on to your keyboard Investing in piano methods Buying cables for your keyboard Selling your keyboard Repairing your keyboard Buying keyboard/piano books Purchasing a keyboard vs. […]

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Coffee Culture & Music Homework

As promised!–Your coffee culture and music homework assignment is here.  We took a walk with you around New York City on our early Saturday morning podcast.  Your job is to find music that inspires you.  When you walk into a coffee shop…what do you hear?  Do you hear songs that you wish to learn to […]

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A Special Episode on Syncopation

Hi there!–Did you hear our special episode on syncopation.  We talked about the emergence of ragtime music, one of the precursors of jazz.  Accenting a note which would normally be unaccented is called syncopation.  Syncopated rhythms are felt to go against a regular pattern of strong and weak beats (as indicated by the time signature). […]

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Accidentals Not Accidents

Sonatina in G – G.F. Handel Romanze – W.A. Mozart German Dance in B Flat – Beethoven Polish Song (Polinisches Lied) – Ferdinand Hiller March of the Wooden Soldiers (Marche des soldats de bois) – P.I. Tchaikovsky Clowns – D.B. Kabalevsky The Day is Ended (Der Tag ist vergangen) – N.P. Rakov Attitude! – Nicholas […]

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