Holiday Homework!

On today’s episode we featured top Christmas songs that you can play on the piano for fun.  Thank you for joining us bright and early this morning.  Please see our custom breakfast blend of titles of tunes that will keep you making music over the holidays: CMajor’s Breakfast Blend of Holiday Tunes It’s the Most […]

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A Special Episode on Syncopation

Hi there!–Did you hear our special episode on syncopation.  We talked about the emergence of ragtime music, one of the precursors of jazz.  Accenting a note which would normally be unaccented is called syncopation.  Syncopated rhythms are felt to go against a regular pattern of strong and weak beats (as indicated by the time signature). […]

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More on Candy-Colored Research

As promised, CMajor is posting her brand new attempt to teach a piano song using color.  Research also suggests timing yourself to see how many minutes it takes you to play a song by color.  Playing by Color is fun!–Please see the color-legend and sequence for playing a simplified version of her Faint Memory melody […]

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