Bee VS Moz

Beethoven versus Mozart–That’s the theme of this week’s post. I’ve been thinking a lot about Beethoven lately. Maybe it’s because he has a birthday coming up soon. He’ll be 250 years-old, I believe. And, Mozart has always been a ‘first love’ for me too. The cool thing about being a piano teacher is that I […]

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Making Your Dreams Come True…

Make Your Dreams Come True by Practicing Music Theory!–It’s not a declaration, but more of an opinion.  CMajor has been able to make some of her musical dreams come true by writing, recording and playing a few tunes in public.  And, now she wants the same for you.  Are you an adult who lost the […]

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New Homework!

New Homework is here!–You had an easy week last week, but this week we’ll make up for relaxing. How does that sound? Lol…I promise to make it fun. CMajor has spent the week thinking about what to talk about next. You may already know that tomorrow’s radio show over at The CMajor Radio Show will […]

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Take it Easy!–You’ve been practicing a lot.  You’ve studied hard.  You took your music theory exams over the weekend!  Now it’s time to take it easy.  We’ll take it easy this week.  Let me introduce you to my new “find”.  CMajor found a book called Winning Rhythms*.  I wanted to find something fun that I […]