STUDIO 5 welcome to Austin

Good morning.  This is CMajor and this is your community announcement around Los Angeles and Austin STUDENTS ON NEW TOUR Studio 5 announces that we currently have lesson students who have completed their journeys from LA to Austin and are now on their way from Austin, TX to New Orleans.  The students who did complete […]

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Contemplative Music Making

Is there such a thing as contemplative music making? Sure–one might say. I once had someone tell me that when I play it sounds worshipful. I was not quite sure what they meant, but I did check my heart to see if I was worshipping in some way. You may know that I recently became […]

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Sing and Play

One of the practice directions that my students feel most challenged by is the one where they are asked to “sing/say the words and play.” Sometimes students just outright refuse to sing and play at the same time. I usually try to encourage them to hum, whistle or recite the words just to have something […]

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