Musical Workout!!

Start your musical notation writing and chord playing workout by following this drill: C Cm C; F Fm F; G Gm G; D Dm D; E Em E & A Am A Instructions–For a firm fixed sound workout with common chords, improve your piano playing with 10 minutes of daily practice. Use different articulations if […]

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The Costs of Making Music

In today’s CBTS episode, we spoke about the following: Financing your keyboard Layawaying your keyboard Trading in your keyboard Upgrading your keyboard Saving up for a better keyboard Adding on to your keyboard Investing in piano methods Buying cables for your keyboard Selling your keyboard Repairing your keyboard Buying keyboard/piano books Purchasing a keyboard vs. […]

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Candy-Coated Research: Summer Piano

Summer’s here!–That means that CMajor is continuing her promise to not assign any homework.  Only research…If you tuned in to The CMajor Radio Show today, you heard CMajor describe her upcoming episode as “sugar candy-coated piano lessons” for recreational students.  The color codes are listed below: Black = C Blue = D Red = E […]

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Piano Homework for Parents…

CMajor…so grateful for parents who want the best music making experience for their children.  On the next CMajor Radio Show, CMajor will talk about “sharenting”.  Sharenting seems to be a new pop-culture term that I recently ran across on the internet.  It appears to mean when ‘parents’ use their mobile devices to capture moments with […]

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Piano Homework for Moms…

This week on The CMajor Radio Show, CMajor talked about piano lessons for Moms.  That’s next week’s topic.  In the meantime, I would like to assign some piano homework based on work that I’ve done with moms who have taken piano lessons with me.  Your next homework assignment is posted below: List your Top Five […]

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