Harmonic Rhythm

In yesterday’s podcasts we talked about harmonic rhythm.  We have not touched so much on ‘rules of harmony’, but we have covered the topic of chord changes.  Remember this: ‘When chords change is just as important as which chords are used’.  In other words, think about the pattern that you’re using. When chords change is […]

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Memorize This…Triad, Seventh, Ninth

For this week’s homework, CMajor would like for you to memorize the following facts about chords…happy memorizing. A triad is a three-tone chord. A seventh chord is a four-tone chord. A ninth chord is a five-tone chord. Extra  homework:  Try to put some sevenths in your chord sequence.  Play this… C chord/C chord/ F chord/C […]

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Minor Keys and Tonic Chords

In yesterday’s podcast, we spoke about minor key chords.  It was a way of combining a discussion about minor keys and chords in root position.  But, we also talked about playing minor chords the way they appear in the ‘popular chord dictionary for piano’, for instance.  Have fun!  Your homework is below: Practice playing Cminor, […]

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Musical Sounds of Love and Romance

In our latest episode on CMajor Before the Show, we talked about sounds of love and romance in our PFP (Piano for Parents) Series.  We invite you to start listening for chords and using the chords you’ve learned to write your own love songs and explore your personal song favorites.  Good luck to you!  Happy […]

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