STUDIO 5 welcome to Austin

Good morning.  This is CMajor and this is your community announcement around Los Angeles and Austin STUDENTS ON NEW TOUR Studio 5 announces that we currently have lesson students who have completed their journeys from LA to Austin and are now on their way from Austin, TX to New Orleans.  The students who did complete […]

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Change the World…Mentally

I’m almost thoroughly convinced that my students will change the world one day. I hope they all do well in their lives and that music making can someone be a part of their days…everyday. I recently had a conversation over tea with one student. She is thinking about going to law school. I asked her […]

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Music Making & Love

Dear podcast followers: Thank you for your kind attention.  Thank you for downloading and listening to our podcasts.  During this difficult time, we acknowledge that there is nothing fun or funny about our global health crisis.  However, we are striving to lighten the mood just a bit with Music Making & Love suggestions for writing […]

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Women & Music

Today, March 8th, marks International Women’s Day.  How are you celebrating?!  March is off to an interesting start.  Did you remember to move your clocks forward to Daylight Saving Time?  I hope you did.  If you tuned in to CBTS (CMajor Before The Show) and CRS (the CMajor Radio Show) you know that we are […]

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Chords for Students…

Welcome to our pre-fall podcast.  We are working very hard to get you information about chords. Our “chords for students” series is not a series at all.  It’s not even a course or a lesson plan.  It’s a conversation.  If you like talking about chords and playing chords on the piano, you’re invited to tune […]

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