Writing Down Music Clearly: Podcast Notes

Hi there!  Thank you for checking out today’s podcast.  As promised, I’m listing the descriptions of the publishers that specialize in candy color note spelling.  The first is called COLOR BY NOTE, a nifty note speller.  The second is entitled Note Pictures: A Coloring Note Speller.  You may look up these titles at your leisure.  One book cover shows pictures of a grand staff with different color crayons all pointing at the colored whole notes lined up on various parts of the staff doubling as eyelets on sneakers.  It’s cute!  The second book cover has multiple colors spelling the book title and has a puzzle like picture with a turtle and various treble and bass staffs with a single note on each.


The second thing I wanted to mention was the hashtag example: #Because of Music … I can provide Eight Skills that Employers Want.  Teachers may consider encouraging their adult students to use music and the arts to bring out soft skills such as: Self-Discipline and Responsibility; Adaptability; Perserverance; Memory and Concentration; Communication; Teamwork; Openess to Feedback; and Confidence.  Music may help the non-musician by providing Eight Skills.  These are “Eight Skills that Employers Want”



Thank you for joining me on The CMajor Radio Show.  Be Well.  Take Care.  I’ll see you again for another opportunity to write down music clearly.  Join me then!

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