Today’s Chord Drill: Minor Chords

Hi There!  I hope you enjoyed today’s show.  It was 2 hours long.  Please see the chord drill below:

C – Cm – C

F – Fm – F

G – Gm – G

D – Dm – D

E – Em – E

A – Am – A

How did you do?  Remember to try to repeat this drill six or seven times…daily.  Try to devote 5 or 6 minutes to warming up five days a week.  This will become one way that you can warm up on triads at the piano.  See you next week for our first September show, featuring a third hour.  The third hour will be spent helping you with your homework assignment.  “Did you do your homework?!” [Sound Effect] Lol…that will start up in September.  See you then and thank you for listening.

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