Chords for Your Remix

“I’ll take a grande PSL…no wait…I’ll take a Venti PSL, please”. To my excitement, I was able to dial into pumpkin spice season this week. And, you may already know how I feel about coffee and music. This week I’ve been cozying up with two ideas: one for coffee in my cup and the other for chords for remixing. When you think about it, it’s possible to remix coffee and music.

So what happens when you want to change the harmonies to your already successful music making? That’s what DJs do. I’ve stated on The CMajor Radio Show/CMajor Before the Show podcasts that DJs are some of the most exciting people on the planet. Lately, I’ve been listening to recordings for the main mix and then the remix. The changes in the music just by chord choices alone are astounding to me. And, if you check with our other post on Writing Music Your Way you’ll see that we are starting to re-think the writing process in class.

To achieve your remix music making goals, I would suggest tapping into the masterful minds of DJs, engineers, instrumentalists, etc. How can you collaborate more effectively to get the sounds that you really want? Or, maybe you can tap into some apps that will help you generate some chord ideas. I wonder what certain tunes will sound like when they are re-mixed. You might wonder the same. You’re encouraged to do so. Happy wondering and experimenting with chords for your remix. We’ll see you again next week!


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