Classical Lattes

Remember that project from the 1980’s, “Hooked on Classics”? Somehow, that album ended up in our music library at home somewhere around 1983, I think. It was placed alongside all of the other 33 1/3 rpm records that we would listen to from time to time. I recently re-listened to the Hooked On Classics project now available on YouTube. Hearing all of those classical tunes gave me the same feeling now that I had when I first listened to the recording back then. I remember feeling inspired by those classical tunes all lumped together like a tightly sampled DJ set. It seemed like the perfect mix of cultures, music you can roller-skate to and appreciate all-in-one.

That’s kind of how I feel about coffee culture nowadays. You can enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to any type of music you wish. Thanks to iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, etc. I can listen to Beethoven one minute and Mozart the next. Then I can turn on Glitterbox and hear some real live funky disco hits from the past. I tend to live in the past with memories of Soul Train and American Bandstand in my head from all those Saturday mornings of watching and listening.

Whatever music you choose to listen to today, be inspired. My students listen to everything from Super Mario video games music and other video games music, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Styx, Ozzy Osborne, Disney theme songs, Bach, Chopin, etc…and the list goes on. It might be fascinating to do a set of music mixes inspired by the students’ musical tastes. And, speaking of tastes–I’ve been playing around with this fresh idea for another classical inspired latte. One of the last posts I shared with you was my Beethoven Latte idea. This time, with a little encouragement from my coffee culture friends, I’m sharing with you a spicy-er idea. I call it Mozart’s special spice latte. See the video below of my latest mix of ingredients:

Make it foamy…lol. It’s like an iced cappuccino with chai and pumpkin spice/pie flavor.

Enjoy. Thanks guys and gals. See you next week!

Peace, Love, & Latte.

– C.

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