Piggies & Bunnies

Hey there!–How’s your week going so far? It’s been an interesting week filled with pigs, bunnies and butterflies. Musically speaking, my students introduced me to songs that they cared about and are super excited about. Interestingly enough, these tunes involved gaming drama with a “piggy” and a “bunny” in the music title. I threw in butterflies because it feels like it’s unofficially Spring, doesn’t it? Below, as promised, are the Text Notation letters to the Piggy Roblox tune that I taught today on my Twitch Channel.

Eb F Gb Ab Bb Bb Bb Bb B Ab Ab Ab Ab F Ab Ab Ab Ab Bb Gb F Eb

Piggy Roblox Chapter Seven Ending Theme/Bunny Theme…the beginning of the tune. Have fun!

That’s the beginning of the tune, but as I mentioned in the video it may be possible to learn the rest from Flowkey on YouTube. Many of my students are gamers. It’s inspiring to see them really influenced and challenged by their peers to learn the tunes that they hear while they’re on their “gamer” play dates.

Other than that, I may have some more exciting news to share with you once Spring gets here. So, in the meantime I’m wishing you a day and a week filled with whatever your imagination can bring to your music-making. Oh, and one more thing–I do have a special shout-out to a very famous modern composer who I recently met online at a teacher workshop. He goes by the name Keith Porter Snell (and NO we’re NOT related…lol!). It was really wonderful to meet him online and to hear him demonstrate, talk and perform his original composed pieces. I’ve since ordered “Perspectives”, a publication that was in part inspired by events that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bravo!–KPS you’ve inspired me to go a little further in my journey as a private piano teacher. Thank you!

Thank you for reading this! May you have a wonderful rest of your week. I hope you find inspiration, joy, cheer and peace among the musical pieces that you’ll discover and play this week. Take care. Be well.


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