Piano Homework for Parents…

CMajor…so grateful for parents who want the best music making experience for their children.  On the next CMajor Radio Show, CMajor will talk about “sharenting”.  Sharenting seems to be a new pop-culture term that I recently ran across on the internet.  It appears to mean when ‘parents’ use their mobile devices to capture moments with their children and families and ‘share’ this information online on social media.  Sometimes it may not make it to social media.  Maybe it’s just shared and meant to be mostly shared privately among friends and family.

So, my next homework assignment is based upon my experience with these types of sharing:

  • Capture your children playing a piece that they are working on that may be giving them trouble.
  • Make a note of the places that are going well and any trouble spots.
  • Point out any trouble spots to the teacher during the next lesson.
  • Note:  You may or may not choose to share the video; just have the student point out the place(s) in question.
  • Ask the teacher’s permission to videotape a piece/part of a piece during the lesson so that the student has a visual reference/performance of the piece to work on at home.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll see you soon on the radio.  We’ll talk about this topic and more next time.  Happy Homeworking!

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