Chords…on the Moon

Chords on the moon?!–It may be possible one day.  You never know.  This week’s homework is designed to take you to places you’ve never dreamed of going.  We had summer solstice and now summertime is in full swing.  Did you make up your own song about the longest day of sunlight?  No worries…we’re giving you another opportunity to practice and follow along with the chord changes to Moonlight Sonata.  It’s all in great fun.  Look up your favorite key on your favorite sheet music site and go for it.  If you choose the Easy Piano version in Dm, for instance, you might come across some of those ‘split bass chords’ that we spoke about in Saturday’s episode: Dm, Dm/C, Bb, Eb/G, A7, Dm/A etc.

Want to take a ride way up to the moon? Put your spacesuit on, we are leaving soon.

Have fun this week!  Enjoy your summer day.  See you next week.  Thank you for listening.

Moonlight Serenade

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