Major Scales and Select Piano Pieces

On today’s CMajor Radio Show…we talked about major scales.  As promised, I’m posting some additional examples of scales for you to practice.  I’m encouraging listeners to begin to think about how the notes of these scales appear on a staff.  Here are the names of some more scales for you to consider practicing:

  1. A major
  2. E major
  3. B major
  4. Bb major
  5. Eb major

Please keep these scales in mind because on next week’s show we’ll talk about keys and key signatures.  And, now for some piano pieces for you to practice:

  • Sonatina in G by G. F. Handel
  • Romanze by W. A. Mozart
  • German Dance in B flat Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Happy practicing!  See you on next week’s show!

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